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About Conference

The 1st International Conference 2012

The International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Mandakh University was held in July, 2012. The conference theme was “Accounting Theory, Practical Challenges and Improving quality of training.”. Professors and scholars from Mongolian National University, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, University of Finance and Economics, Mandakh University, also Sorokina E.M, Professor of Irkutsk National University of Natural Economics and Law under the President of the Russian Federation and B. Tsetsenzorigt, Professor of the University of Agriculture, Khukh Khot, Inner Mongolia, China have attended and presented their research work.


The 2nd International Conference 2014

The International Scientific Conference themed “Emerging economies and accounting” was held and organized by Mandakh University in July, 2014. The conference brought together professors and scholars from international and national universities and institutions, including delegates from Japan and Republic of Korea. For instance, Susumi Ueno, professor of Konan University, Japan, Masaaki Aoki, professor of Tohoku University, Japan and Yeon Ho Nam, professor of Kookmin University, Republic of Korea participated and presented their research at the conference.


The 3rd International Conference 2017

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Mandakh Burtgel University, we have organized 3rd International Conference jointly with MONICPA on 26th – 27th of May, 2017 at Conference Hall of the Corporate Hotel.

17 from received 40 papers on Accounting, Bank, Finance, Business Administration, Humanities and Linguistics were discussed, published as compilation and made public.

During the International conference, 6 professors from Kaluga Branch of Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, TOHOKU University of Japan, KONAN University of Japan, Kyonggi University of Republic Korea and Mahasarakham University of Thailand as well as scholars and professors from Ministry of Finance of Mongolia, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, Business School of National University of Mongolia, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Mongolian National Defense University, Mongolian University of Science and Technology and Mandakh Burtgel University have attended and presented research paper.

The conference gave chance to discuss matters and exchange ideas and experience of Society, Economics, especially Accounting and Higher Education.

Total of 120 scholars, lecturers and researchers have participated, exchanged their ideas and evaluated effectiveness of the conference highly. For more detailed information of this conference, please click here.

The 4th International Conference 2019

The Mandakh University has created a great tradition to provide regular activities for university professors, researchers and graduate students in a way of organizing research conference and scientific discussions. The international Scientific Conference, as one of the significant activities, has been organized by Mandakh University biannually, since 2012.

The 4th International Conference “Mandakh-2019” was successfully held at Convention Centre, Corporate hotel, Ulaanbaatar, on May 24, 2019. The conference brought together over 100 delegates from international and national institutions including Buryat State University of Russia; Michigan State University and Auburn University of the USA; Hangdong Global University of South Korea; University of Zagreb, University North from Croatia; University of Debrecen of Hungary; as well as Ministry of Finance, Mongolia; National Statistics Office; General Taxation Office; “Development Solutions” NGO; Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation; and national universities, those were Mandakh University, Mongolia, National University of Mongolia; University of Finance and Economics, Mongolian National University of Education and University of the Humanities.

This time, the conference covered over 20 excellent keynote speeches within the sustainable development goal, addressed to the pressing issues in the field of business administration, education, humanities and information technology. The audience actively involved in the Q&A after each speech and gained great knowledge from those brilliant presentations.

Through this conference, the participants from international and national institutions had a great opportunity to exchange new information, experience and share knowledge among each other in their respective research field as well as to develop future collaboration. For more detailed information of this conference please, click here.